New Events

Wednesday Fellowship & Spiritually Programs for July & August at 7 pm

July 5: History & Theology Discussion. Focus: your questions, opinions, and observations, and a brief presentation about some recent scholarship on the 10 Commandments and some new ways
of looking at and interpreting them.

July 12: A brief presentation on the Enneagram: an ancient teaching on personality types and ways of looking at the innate gifts and the shadow sides of our personalities and others’

July 19: A showing of “Facing the Giants”, the story of the conversion of a high-school football coach and the effect this has on himself, his team, and the nights

July 26: The first of two “” with Faith UMC of North Haven. We host this first night, with the members of Faith coming here to share a program on their favorite Bible verses, and how they help sustain spiritual growth in good times and bad.

August 2: We visit Faith UMC, 81 Clintonville Road, North Haven, and bring our favorite Bible verses to share and discuss.

August 9: Our Church Theology & History discussion group for August. You are invited to a free-wheeling discussion of any issue of spirituality and/or religion. No preparation necessary: just bring your doubts, questions, observations, beliefs, and opinions. Call ahead if you want to have some background presented on a certain subject.

August 16: Pizza & a Movie 6:30 pm.

August 23: Centering Prayer will be taught and practiced. This meditative activity, developed by Thomas Keating, is a way of introducing the basic monastic prayer form used for thousands of years, through a form of it that is compatible with our daily lives and schedules.

August 30: Spirituality and Christian themes in the music of the Beatles. The ubiquitous and innovative melodies, harmonies, and lyrics of one of the most important and popular classic rock-n’-roll groups will be explored for their theology and Christian influences.

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