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  • Summer is now behind us and we look forward to the return to church of those who traveled or simply could not get up for the 9:30 AM service during summer hours. With the help of those who participated in the "adopted a bill" program, we ended August current with bills except for some apportionments not paid since July.  We thank those who came forward with that extra financial support. We will continue to post unpaid bills that need such help and remind you that you need not adopt the entire bill. Any amount will help such that when we can match the balance with general funds, we will do so. Thank you.
  • We thank all who are participating in the EFT (electronic fund transfer) contributions to help stabilize the weekly income. Those taking part know that when they are away or sick, the church is still getting your contribution to pay its weekly bills on time. See Jerry Dion if you are interested in being added to the group.
  • We decided NOT to take out a loan and put the church in debt for 2011 to makeup for the projected budget deficit faced for 2010. Instead, we are establishing a new fund, "2010 Apportionment Catch-Up Fund", with a suggested amount of $100 per pledge unit or contributing member for the remaining three months of 2010. This fund would generate $5,000 to balance the budget for 2010 without a loan or entering next year with prior year unpaid apportionments. Starting in October, you could contribute to the fund with a one-time $100 check, two $50 checks (one in October and one in November), three $35 checks (one each month for balance of 2010), or $10 per week above your normal pledge.  If you choose to participate (as always, we understand that in these tough economic times some may not be able to make additional contributions), please indicate the "Catch-Up" in the memo line of the check to disclose its purpose from the general fund. Thank you.
  • Our oil bill has returned at $1,125 per month.  Please consider taking an oil box from the table outside the office for your change to help keep us warm this winter.  Thank you.
  • Finally, as we look ahead to the 2011 budget, we anticipate a need for a 10% increase in individual pledges to avoid another year of $2,800 per week expenses with an average of $1,800 per week income. Please pray on this for when you are asked to pledge for 2011.
  • Again, for those out of work or on fixed incomes that are unable to give anymore, we love you and appreciate the part you are able to play in the financial health of the church.

The Finance Ministry



July Apportionments (the “must pay” portion!!)
$1,262.40 due 7/31!!

August Apportionments (the “must pay” portion)
$1,262.40 due 8/31!!

Pastor’s health & pension
$1,679.38 due 9/30

$190.75 due 9/1

All Waste
$153.00 due 9/1

$164.00 due 9/30

Dolphin Capital (copier)
$123.25 due 10/5

Thank you to everyone who has helped with extra giving this summer!  Many of our smaller apportionments are paid in full because of your help, as well as the oil, water, electric, candle oil, copier & waste/recycling.  If you choose to adopt a bill, make your check payable to the church with the name of bill selected in the memo area. Please list a second choice in case someone else selected the same bill as you so we know your alternate preference.

Important Benefits of EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

In January our church adopted a new giving option that is convenient for many parishioners – the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program. This is the same program that is offered by local gas and electric and many insurance and mortgage companies.

The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Programs have had a positive impact on the environment. The production, transportation, processing and disposal of paper checks consume natural resources. Nationwide, the trend toward electronic payments has already produced more than a 50% decline in check use since the year 2000.

The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Program yields very significant benefits for our church and makes life easier for you:

  • The satisfaction of giving to GOD first
  • A positive impact on the environment
  • Less work for church Volunteers in processing the collections
  • A more predictable income flow for better planning
  • Improve cash management with less labor
  • Easier church and personal budgeting

Are you doing your part to help the church and the environment? Why not? It costs you nothing!!!

Forms are in the narthex.

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