Important Benefits of EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

In January our church adopted a new giving option that is convenient for many parishioners – the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program. This is the same program that is offered by local gas and electric and many insurance and mortgage companies.

The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Programs have had a positive impact on the environment. The production, transportation, processing and disposal of paper checks consume natural resources. Nationwide, the trend toward electronic payments has already produced more than a 50% decline in check use since the year 2000.

The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Program yields very significant benefits for our church and makes life easier for you:

  • The satisfaction of giving to GOD first
  • A positive impact on the environment
  • Less work for church Volunteers in processing the collections
  • A more predictable income flow for better planning
  • Improve cash management with less labor
  • Easier church and personal budgeting

Are you doing your part to help the church and the environment? Why not? It costs you nothing!!!

Forms are in the narthex.

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