All of you together are the body of Christ.  Each one of you is a part of the body. 1 Corinthians 12:27

I just love i-tunes. Whenever I think of a song from the distant past that I haven’t heard since Bob Steele played it on his morning radio show (I did say the distant past) I start goggling it and more often than not I am able to find it and download it. (I’m still looking for Two Buffalo’s) Then I throw them on my i-pod shuffle and I get quite a mix as I’m out walking my 10,000 steps.

Last night after listening to some show tunes, some Barbershop and Roy Orbison; an old Rosemary Clooney song shuffled on (If you don’t know the name think White Christmas or Target ads that sang Come On-A My House.) It’s called the Lord is Counting on You.  Here’s the first verse and chorus

“I love to go to Sunday School I love to sing the songs

But I hate to see a vacant pew; I know there’s something wrong

I want the Lord to be proud of me. His work I’ll gladly do

I know a song to get them in Listen and learn it too

Go to the By-ways, Tell em on the Highways

Tell em that you’re their friend Tell em the church is open They’re welcome to drop in

Talk just a little bit, Sing just a little bit

Throw in a smile or two But heavy on the Howdy do For the Lord is counting on you.”


The pews have been very empty this summer. The good news for finance is all our bills are up to date, but what does that matter if people don’t feel the need or desire to come to church on Sunday. The trustees have worked this summer having the educational wing painted and new flooring installed.  Administrative Council has been busy having meetings to plan activities for the coming year. There are a variety of things planned for the fall. In addition we will be celebrating 50 years of worshiping on Rock Hill Road. Please come to Rally Day, check out the newly renovated educational wing, and check out the fall calendar and the activities planned. Don’t forget Fall is also when we have a stewardship campaign.  When we join the church we promise to support it with our prayers, our gifts, our talents and our presence.  Let’s start with our presence. Come to church on Sunday to talk just a little bit or sing just a little bit, because the Lord is counting on you. 

God Bless,


Sherri Willhelm

Finance Chair

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