Give us this day our daily bread. Matthew 6:11

And so another year ends. We had a tough challenge to try to balance a budget in a year when expenses are either fixed or sky rocketing. (we budgeted $17,000 for utilities and we paid $22,300) and income seems to be disappearing. I am happy to report to you that despite all the obstacles we ended up with a balanced budget for 2012. Thank you all for the gifts and resources you have given to the church to get us to this point. The new year brings new challenges but I’m very optimistic that God will provide. We are still accepting commitment cards. I want to thank all of you who have handed in your cards for 2012. We could not make a budget without them. The Finance Committee has developed a budget for 2012 that is as balanced as it can be in these uncertain economic times.  I hope you’ll take some time to look over the 2012 budget and feel free to ask questions.

I believe we are a manna church when it comes to finances. Our history has many examples of God providing what we need when we need it. With that said I want to start this year by asking for your prayers. Will you commit to praying for this church and its finances every day? I’ve done that since the first of the year and by January 10th I was seeing concrete answers to my prayers, (and from the most unexpected places!). Just imagine what could happen if more of us could make that commitment.  You can start by praying these words. 

Our God and our Father, help us to remember when we worry about the future to ask for enough for today. Just as the Israelites found enough manna for their days needs, so help us to find enough money for today’s requirements. Thank you that we have money to pay our bills, health to do your work, and faith to trust you with tomorrow. AMEN

God Bless,


Sherri Willhelm

Finance Chair

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